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Its that time of year again!

The warm summer days and long light summer evenings are drawing to a close.

Its that time of the year where we start to turn our minds to the season that is to come.

In the shop that means starting to think about changing around our seasonal lines.

Its out with the Hoselock and barbecues from the prime spots by the till, and in with the autumn and winter lines.

For me last week that meant moving the shop around to fit everything in. That's the problem with having so many lines! It always remind me of my lovely nan. She was a shopaholic and every new purchase meant moving the whole house to fit each new purchase in!

It seems too early to start to get the Christmas stock in but it takes weeks to get it organised properly.

This is met with dismay by some staff and excitement by others.

Ian at Pendeford would happily not see Christmas stock until December, Toni at Perton (and me!) would happily start planning it in September. Luckily we can come to a compromise and aim to get it in by the end of October.

This is the time of year that we have to start to order and bulk up on our winter lines; de-icer, antifreeze, heaters, car batteries, battery chargers.....even hats and gloves! We even have to remember the more unusual items, dehumidifiers, draught excluders, thermos flasks, hot water bottles, extension leads, tap and pipe insulation etc. This is where having such experienced staff pays off. Remembering those sort of items so that we do not run out when the cold sets in!

Make sure if you get the time that you come and check out our Christmas stock in the coming months. We try really try hard to make it look nice and festive!

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